Editorial policy


Bangabidya: International Journal of Bengal Studies

(ISSN 2277-7717)

Publication and Peer-review Policy

International Journal of Bengal Studies is the research publication of the International Society of Bengal Studies, publishing contributions from scholars working in any sub-area of Bengal Studies.

Published bi-annually since 2010, the journal follows the double-blind peer review policy. Papers in English and Bengali are considered for publication in the journal.

Apart from original research articles, critical translation of knowledge texts, critical edition of medieval/classic works, bibliographical works, compilation of syllabi/question papers with critical notes, compilation of dissertation titles, and project reports may be submitted for publication.

The journal also publishes selected papers from the papers presented in the International Congress of Bengal Studies, held biennially. Such papers are also selected through double blind peer review.

Manuscripts submitted for publication should be original, unpublished (in whole or part), and not under consideration for publication elsewhere.

Submissions are refereed anonymously following the double-blind peer review system.

Manuscripts without an appropriate survey of earlier research in the respective area, references and bibliography, will not be considered for publication.

Instruction to authors

Though there is no fixed limit on maximum or minimum length of manuscripts, it is expected that submission would not exceed 10,000 words.

Manuscript should contain a separate title page containing the author’s name, academic position, affiliation, address, telephone number, fax number, e-mail address, and an abstract of 100 words or less. The title should be repeated on the first page of the text.

Manuscripts should be submitted as electronic documents, both in Microsoft Word and pdf as email attachments. Manuscripts should be double-spaced.

For citation and reference, authors should follow the M.L.A. Style. The author is responsible for the accuracy of all quotations, citations, and references. For Bengali papers, the Bangabidya Style Manual should be followed.

Manuscript should be submitted to secisbs@gmail.com or secisbs@bangabidya.org

All submissions are acknowledged. It would usually take four months to communicate the response of the reviewer to the author.

Ethics policy

The author’s identity should not be revealed anywhere in the text of the manuscript (e.g., in first person references to previous research or previous versions of the manuscript or in acknowledgements of assistance from colleagues.

Submissions are refereed anonymously following the double-blind peer review system.

 Contact Detail

Please contact through email at: secisbs@gmail.com / secisbs@bangabidya.org


                                  Contact person for submission and inquiry

Amitava Chakraborty, Secretary General, International Society of Bengal Studies, secisbs@gmail.com/ secisbs@bangabidya.org