Bangabidya Database


The initiative to create a Database of Bengal Studies was first taken in 2009 as part of the preparation of the 1st International Congress of Bengal Studies, 2010. As part of that, Dr. Amitava Chakraborty, Convener of the 1st ICBS, sent a request to all Bengali Departments requesting information regarding the Department. The Organizing Committee of the 1st ICBS also created a group to collect and compile the data. At that phase the plan was to include a brief profile of the Departments, name and specialization of former and current faculty members, old and current syllabus and information about awarded and registered Ph.D. and M.phil thesis under respective department. As the response was not satisfactory, during the 2011 ICBS it was decided that a database of only awarded research degrees be compiled as the first phase of the project. Prof. Bela Das was given the responsibility to co-ordinate the project. Later, in 2011, Dr. Ayantika Ghosh sent a proposal to take up such a project with the ISBS. At present, Dr. Afroja Khatun and Dr. Ayantika Ghosh are in charge of the project on behalf of the India Chapter and Prof. Soaib Gibran, Prof. Yusuf Iqbal Dipu and Dr. Md. Zafir Uddin are in charge of the project on behalf of the Bangladesh chapter. The 4th ICBS Japan Committee and the Japan Chapter have also joined the project and are working on creating an electronic database. As the compilation of the data is at its last phase now, we hope to release the 1st volume of the Database in 2018 itself.

As this is an ongoing process, we request all to help us in collecting information. Please submit information through these forms:

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